For children aged 3-12 and their parents

I know you want to see your children thrive and that you're trying your very best to help.


We're all individuals with different life experiences and there are likely many factors contributing to your child's emotions and behaviours. Generally, I see many children affected by past traumas, unmet needs, unsuitable parenting approaches and the many adverse influences of our modern lifestyle. The good news is that it can be better, for all of you.

Whether your child is struggling in school, with friends, with anxiety, angry outbursts, low self-esteem, emotional meltdowns, attention deficit, learning difficulties, unwanted behaviour, school refusal, low mood, hyperactivity, cooperation, life changes or something else, I'm here to help.


I've developed a unique approach, using what I've seen works, to help us understand and meet your own and your child's unique needs, maximising the positive change we create as a team, so you can rise up together.

Here's how it works:


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Initial Chat

I offer a free, informal, 15-minute no-obligation phone call at a time that suits you, in which we'll discuss your current situation. You can ask any questions you might have, I'll let you know how I can help and you can decide if you'd like us to work together.


Initial Consultation

In this first session, either in-person or online, we'll get to know each other. I'll gather background information about you and your child to build a bigger picture of the situation and the experiences, needs, preferences and concerns we'll be working with.


Creative Therapy for Your Child

I work with your child in enjoyable, weekly sessions of 50 minutes.


Using Creative Therapies such as Sandplay, Art, Play and Drama, I'll help them express and process their inner feelings and experiences symbolically. Over time, I'll also work with them more directively to connect with, experience and release their emotions, examine their self-beliefs and build skills.


These types of approaches are so effective because they provide access to the unconscious mind, allowing children to work freely on their inner world and communicate through their language of creativity, which can help us better understand what's going on for them and what they need from us.

Working with children has always come naturally to me and kids enjoy coming to see me with my authentic, welcoming manner and cupboards bursting with creative treasures.

Sessions are available in-person or online (if suitable for the individual child).

Heart-Centred Counselling & Coaching for You

I work with you (either with parents together or one-to-one) at regular intervals throughout the process, to offer a fresh perspective, identify unconscious patterns, create a tailored plan to suit your family's needs and to support you on your journey. 


I greatly admire every parent who walks through my door because they recognise the incredible influence they have on their children's lives and are willing to step up to help them thrive.

My conscious, respectful approaches are based upon the latest evidence-based and trauma-informed research, which address the cause of behaviours -as opposed to many outdated, mainstream approaches that only try to 'fix' them superficially- to ensure lasting change. We'll focus on building up key skills to help reach your specific goals and I'll check in with you between sessions to give you extra tips, insights and support.


Parent sessions are available in-person or online.






4 parent coaching sessions

Weekly, fornightly or monthly

+ Initial Consultation






12 weekly sessions for your child

+ 4 sessions for you

+ Initial Consultation





8 weekly sessions for your child

+ 3 sessions for you

+ Initial Consultation



Packages payable either upfront or in weekly installments

Custom packages available

Sessions last for 50 minutes

Not claimable on Insurance/Medicare/Mental Health Care Plan

You can use your NDIS self-managed funds

Please contact me to discuss any financial concerns


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