Workshops & Retreats

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“These school holidays the kids have done a mix of activities from cheerleading camp, tennis, and robotics, through to bowling, movies, and water slides. They had fun at them all, however I’ve never seen my kids more content than when they came out of the yoga/meditation/mindfulness workshop with Liz.”

“The word ‘yoga’ put fear into my 11-year-old, lego-loving, first-year high schooler. However. . . his exact words when asked how it was, were ‘It’s Brilliant!’. Liz is fantastic”

“Dylan absolutely loved the Happiness Workshop you led. He was beaming all afternoon and talked about it for days afterwards. I was really taken with what a positive impact the workshop had on him. You definitely brought something magical into his first experience of yoga and today he said he wanted to go to every one of the holiday workshops every holidays!!! Which is saying a lot as Dylan is usually quite reserved about things and often very tentative about trying new activities.”

 “Both my girls went along not really knowing what to expect. The younger one of the two was quite unsure and not keen but was convinced to give it a go. When I picked my girls up, they were beaming! They couldn’t stop talking about what a wonderful experience they had. They also told a few of their friends who were keen to come along to the next session. I really loved how they took home something new with each session.”