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Hawkesbury Heights, Lower Blue Mountains, NSW

TERM 2, 2022

  • SOLD OUT Mum & Daughter Circle - Ages 9-12 - Building Connection - Saturday June 4 - 1.30-4pm

  • Girls' Circle - Ages 9-12 -Understanding Emotions - Saturday June 25 - $60 - 1.30-4pm

  • SOLD OUT Mum & Daughter CircleAges 9-12 - Building Connection - Saturday July 2 - $90/pair - 1.30-4pm 

TERM 3, 2022

  • Five closed girls' circles (with the same group) Ages 9-12 BOOK NOW

Saturdays July 23, August 6 & 20, September 3 & 17



  • Mum & Daughter Circle - Ages 9-12 - Building Connection - Saturday, July 30 - $90/pair - 1.30-4pm BOOK NOW

  • Mum & Daughter Circle - Ages 6-8 - Building Connection - Saturday, August 27 - $90/pair - 1.30-4pm BOOK NOW

Small groups - limited spaces available

Strong. Sensitive. Intuitive. Wise. Peaceful. Empowered.

  • sharing

  • yoga

  • creativity

  • mindfulness

  • conscious dance/movement

  • emotion coaching

  • philosophy

  • communication

  • friendships

  • games

  • self-empowerment

  • breathwork

  • life skills

  • meditation

  • becoming a woman

  • wellness


"I would highly recommend Liz and Soul Sisters. My 8 year old girl is a generally anxious little soul who struggles with confidence. At the beginning of this school year we were worried about her ability to make new friends and ensure her voice was heard in class. Since joining in Soul Sisters there has been a noticeable change in her demeanor, her confidence has skyrocketed, and she has gained a lot of new friends.


Soul Sisters is a safe space for her where she can chat about things with girls her own age, make new friends, learn yoga and mindfulness and feel empowered. No conversation is taboo, and she will come back and start new conversations with me about anything from bullying to death to periods. Not to mention that she bounds out every evening with the biggest grin on her face, full of excitement and laughter. 


I genuinely wish there was a Soul Sisters when I was a preteen, Liz is empowering the next generation of young women in such a fun, creative and vibrant way." - Charlotte




"The Soul Sisters group couldn’t have come at a better time for me, I am a recently separated parent and have an amicable relationship with my children’s father. I knew my daughter was struggling to come to terms with our separation and how to talk about her sadness and frustrations. The Soul Sisters group has taught my daughter how to develop an acceptance of a situation (even though she doesn’t like it) and through the activities they do she has started to identify, describe her emotions and communicate them to us in a healthy way, I have already seen the difference at home and her relationship with her younger sister.

My daughter now understands that other girls her age and all people have 'problems' and this has helped her to practice problem-solving (instead of sulking or crying).


My daughter instantly developed a strong, trusting relationship with Liz (she's like a big sister) and looks forward to her sessions each week. Soul Sisters has covered such a wide range of emotional and wellbeing tools, including gratitude, resilience, communication, empathy, kindness, and creativity which I believe should be instilled at home and schools from an early age. 

Liz is very passionate about what she does and her ability to provide different perspectives on parenting without any judgements has helped me to create a supportive space at home and take a new approach with my daughter's (sometimes difficult) behaviours which has been hugely beneficial for everyone. 

If I could go back to my own childhood would have benefited so much from a group like this so I feel incredibly fortunate to have Liz as part of my daughter's education in wellbeing, I can't recommend her highly enough" - Samantha


"Soul Sisters! What an amazing opportunity to come together with other girls around the same age. All with different backgrounds and personalities. To be able to share true experience of freedom to talk and express themselves without social pressure or judgement. With wonderful guidance and facilitation of growth from Liz Taverner. Thank you." - Joscelyn


“These school holidays the kids have done a mix of activities from cheerleading camp, tennis, and robotics, through to bowling, movies, and water slides. They had fun at them all, however I’ve never seen my kids more content than when they came out of the yoga/meditation/mindfulness workshop with Liz.” - Mummy Mojo


“The word ‘yoga’ put fear into my 11-year-old, lego-loving, first-year high schooler. However. . . his exact words when asked how it was, were ‘It’s Brilliant!’. Liz is fantastic” - Nick


“Dylan absolutely loved the Happiness Workshop you led. He was beaming all afternoon and talked about it for days afterwards. I was really taken with what a positive impact the workshop had on him. You definitely brought something magical into his first experience of yoga and today he said he wanted to go to every one of the holiday workshops every holidays!!! Which is saying a lot as Dylan is usually quite reserved about things and often very tentative about trying new activities.” - Tanya



 “Both my girls went along not really knowing what to expect. The younger one of the two was quite unsure and not keen but was convinced to give it a go. When I picked my girls up, they were beaming! They couldn’t stop talking about what a wonderful experience they had. They also told a few of their friends who were keen to come along to the next session. I really loved how they took home something new with each session.” - Nicky