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Guidance and support for you and your kids


Hi, I'm Liz, a highly sensitive, soul-led Holistic Counsellor and mother, who believes that helping our kids starts with helping ourselves

I support children and teens through fun and creative therapeutic approaches, while also working with their parents in their own healing and authentic parenting journey, helping everyone to feel connected and thrive.

I offer tailored one-on-one and family sessions, as well as circles and retreats, working with deep, creative and trauma-informed approaches encompassing mind, body and spirit.

Creative Therapy

 Working with a variety of fun, creative and evidence-based therapeutic approaches, I support children facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, school issues, life changes and behavioural concerns.

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Soul-Led Mamas
Reparenting Course

A five-week transformative journey of creative inner work and healing, learning to understand, reparent and connect with yourself, so you can break cycles and live and parent confidently and authentically.

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Mum & Daughter Circles

Special circles to help you deepen your relationship with your daughter. Focused on building skills, connection and understanding

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