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Mum & Daughter Circles

Special circles to help you deepen your relationship with your daughter. Focused on building skills, connection and understanding


Nurturing your connection with your daughter helps set her up for a healthy future, strengthens your relationship with each other and leads to more cooperative behaviour.

Each memorable circle or workshop includes partner yoga or movement, mindfulness, learning, sharing and creativity, designed for a specific age group and theme.

Herbal tea and nourishing snacks will be provided

Circles are limited to four mum & daughter pairs

Guided by trauma-informed Holistic Counsellor Liz Taverner

"Thank you again for this amazing workshop. We will forever be grateful for you and will take away wonderful memories and life lessons."


Please contact me to stay up-to-date about upcoming circles

"It was a wonderful experience for us and we had so much fun with the different activities, and use our journal we made regularly which has provided an avenue for connection without it being intrusive or overwhelming! Highly recommend, we'll be back for sure :) " 


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