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About Liz

As a mother and trauma-informed Holistic Counsellor, specialising in creative therapies, children, inner child work and parenting support, there’s nothing that lights me up more than helping parents and children find themselves and seeing their wellbeing and relationships thrive.

It's been a long and colourful journey that's led me to my current work and understanding of the complexities of children, behaviour, mental illness, trauma, parenting and inner child work. Having worked with kids for more than a decade in education, childcare, kids yoga, coaching, counselling, mental health and behaviour therapy, I've witnessed heart-breaking and skyrocketing rates of mental illness alongside the utter ineffectiveness of mainstream approaches designed to help.

My passion for learning and my own inner work, along with my gift of sensitivity, qualifications and training and vast professional background with kids, teens and families allows me to offer parents a fresh perspective, well-informed guidance and a unique, understanding approach. I no longer believe in the widespread, simplistic approach of focusing on changing our and our children's behaviours. Rather, I turn our attention to the big picture; the relationships, the nervous system, the generational trauma and the other underlying causes.

By doing this deep and powerful work together, we're saying yes to real change; we're helping to create a paradigm shift. So, if you're ready to embark on this life-changing journey, here I am. 

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