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Children's Creative Therapy

For Kids & Teens

*Please note, I'm not currently taking on new clients*

Working holistically, I use a variety of creative and evidence-based therapeutic approaches -including art, play and sandtray- as well as somatic and spiritual practices, such as body-based regulation, meditation and shamanic journeying. I support kids and teens (from age three) facing challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, school issues, life changes and behavioural concerns.

There's always more to our children's behaviour than meets the eye, and my informed approach supports children to:


  • Express and process their feelings and experiences

  • Connect with their emotions

  • Examine their self-beliefs

  • Develop self-understanding

  • Identify and challenge thoughts and behaviours

  • Develop new skills, practices and ways of being

  • Build connection to mind, body and spirit

I'll work alongside you in a team approach, through Reparenting and Parent Coaching Sessions. This is a vital part of helping to create the best positive change for your family. I'll support you to:

  • Identify and understand your own, and your child’s, needs

  • Have practical tools in your belt, tailored to those needs 

  • Discover your own innate wisdom

  • Work towards healing your own childhood wounding and generational trauma  

  • Understand the autonomic nervous system and ways to support it, for both yourself and your child 

  • Feel clear and confident in your parenting approaches and ability to help your child thrive 

  • Know how to reparent yourself 

  • Feel able to deeply connect, and have a strong and trusting relationship, with your child 

Therapy is a process based upon a fostered safe and trusting relationship and requires us to explore what's beneath the surface through a number of sessions. You're welcome to try one child session to start with, after which a minimum of five weeks of sessions, as well as sessions with the parent/guardian(s), are required, creating an effective and collaborative approach.

Please contact me to book in, or for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're the right fit

Online sessions may be possible if required, please contact me to discuss

These sessions are not covered by health insurance or mental health plans

Please contact me if finances are preventing you from receiving the support you need

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