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Soul Sisters

Circles for girls to learn, laugh, connect, create, move & meditate

Mind, Body , Spirit 

Would you like your daughter to feel more empowered and confident? 
To better understand and cope with her emotions?
To learn powerful tools to help her as she journeys into womanhood?

Soul Sisters is the girls' club all women needed when we were younger

A safe, sacred, therapeutic space where your daughter is welcomed, accepted, seen, heard and understood unconditionally

Where she can open up about her problems and find she's not alone

Where she will be celebrated and supported

Where she can explore and discover her true self and connect to her intuition

Where she can create deep friendships

Where she can learn the skills and knowledge to live a contented and empowered life as she grows into womanhood

And where she can let loose, laugh and have heaps of fun!

What Girls Say About Soul Sisters

Church Candles

I like that we can be ourselves and we don't have to pretend

It helps me get out stress

Image by Antonino Visalli

 I really feel like I'm part of something now

Soul Sisters is helping me by encouraging me to tell others how I feel

Church Candles

It helps me with calming my emotions

It's fun and helps me sleep when I'm scared

What Mums Say About Soul Sisters

Branch of Flowers

My daughter has started to identify, describe her emotions and communicate them to us in a healthy way. I have already seen the difference at home and her relationship with her younger sister.


I feel incredibly fortunate to have Liz as part of my daughter's education in wellbeing, I can't recommend her highly enough


Purple Flower

 Since joining Soul Sisters there has been a noticeable change in my daughter's demeanor, her confidence has skyrocketed, and she has gained a lot of new friends.


I genuinely wish there was a Soul Sisters when I was a preteen. Liz is empowering the next generation of young women in such a fun, creative and vibrant way


Yellow Calla

My daughter  made some beautiful friends and learned some really powerful tools to help her, which she still uses all this time later.

Liz is truly invested in making the world and better place for our girls and in giving them an understanding of the power and beauty that lies within each and every one of  them


We explore...


becoming a woman




conscious dance/movement








coping skills


life skills


arts & crafts

the nervous system


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